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Scrapers description

Everything you have to know about Scrapers

The purchase of a scraper (self-powered scrapers, trailed scrapers) is an expensive deal that entails considerable expenses for the client. Wildmachinery allows its clients to have access to an online database, in order to put in direct contact the clients with the dealers of the different scrapers. In order to get the dealer's contact, you have just to go on the home page of Wildmachinery, and choose scraper from the drop-down menu "search vehicles" and then fill the search box with the desired data. The main parts to fill in are: machine maker, country and price, as well as the type of machine, that you can select through boxes with a picture of the specific product. You can also make an advanced search. Here you can specify also capacity, year and the possibility to view only the ads with pictures. By pushing the search button, it is possible to obtain a list of machines listed on the archives of Wildmachinery and to view the specifications of each machine and the dealer contacts. Wildmachinery is not involved in the negotiation and in the contract with the dealer, therefore all the necessary data are provided so that the contact with the dealer of scrapers (self-powered scrapers, trailed scrapers). To search for a scraper press

Selling an used Scraper

Wildmachinery portal is the ideal website where to sell your used scrapers (self-powered scrapers, trailed scrapers), in a fast and simple way. To insert one or more sell ads of your fleet of platforms through, please read the price page and choose between the various offer of the "Trial, Base, Professional and Ultimate" packages. The dealers that would like to have more information about the release of scrapers sell ads need to complete the registration at this address page. Our team will contact you as soon as possible.

Renting a Scraper

The firms that need to insert a fixed price budget for the scrapers (self-powered scrapers, trailed scrapers) often ask for machine for rent; in fact, this option has many benefits:

  1. Secure and calculable prices
  2. Full assistance of the rented machine from the dealer
  3. Temporary use to fill in particular and temporary needs
  4. The possibility to try the machine before renting it and to understand the technical requirements

In order to search for the rental machines on our archive on, go to the home page and press the advanced search button, then tick "only machine for rent". The following screen will show the list of the scrapers to rent available. Afterwards it is possible to contact the dealers and to send directly your request, without any additional costs to contact the rental of the scrapers. To search for a scraper to rent, press

Offering a Scraper to rent

Are you a renter of scrapers (self-powered scrapers, trailed scrapers)? Do you want to offer them to be rented in a fast, simple and effective way? Wildmachinery the biggest portal of construction machines of Europe, can help you. To have more information about our offers for dealers of scrapers self-powered scrapers, trailed scrapers) complete our registration form by pressing here; one of our experts will contact you as soon as possible